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Saturday, March 30, 2013

OFW Direct Hired, Easy Steps to POEA

I want to dedicate this blog to all my Co- OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) and for those who are planning to work outside the country with a direct employer. A more clearer and easier steps.

All the Citizens of Philippines who are planning to go out of the country as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)  "DIRECT-HIRED" is also obliged to register at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

POEA is located at Otigas (Edsa), MandaluyongPhilippines, (MRT Ortigas Station)

I've red a lot of positive and negative blogs about the whole process of registering yet one thing I would say from personal experience, If you have all the proper documents it will only take one whole day process including the Pre-Departure Orientation which is also known as PDOS. In POEA there is no such thing as " under the table money". Rules are Rules. So to make my papers fast I have asked one of the Head at the Name hire unit regarding all the documents needed for different skills. I have finished all my requirements and Pre-departure orientation in one and a half day because I went on a Friday which they do not conduct PDOS so I came back on a Monday to attend the PDOS ,Finished everything and got my OEC (Overseas Employment Contract) after the payments. I am currently in China and leaving the Expatriate Life.

First thing you need to do before you agree with your Employers for signing a contract in regards of being a Direct hired, please check first if what category your desired position will fall into. If your position is on the category below the contracts will only entertain by POEA if it is verified by the POLO(Philippine Overseas Labor Office) on the country you are bound to and in case of non-polo presence, one can go to the nearest POLO or Philippine Embassy to have the contracts verified:
In a circular dated June 15, 2009, POEA said, “All workers hired for listed positions will not be processed unless the individual employment contracts are verified by the POLO if bound for a country with no POLO presence." However, in cases where the host country of the outbound OFWs has no POLO, one can go to the nearest POLO or Philippine Embassy to have their work contracts verified. On the other hand the requirements for the issuance of exit clearances,individual employment contracts, processing requests, accomplished information sheets,employment visas or work permits; pre-departure orientation seminar certificates from the POEA, language orientation certificates from the Overseas Workers Welfar eAdministration (OWWA), and national certificates from the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (Tesda) can be found at Memorandum Circular No. 6,

The new and stricter rules were created at a time of rising incidence of low and semi- skilled overseas workers that are being abused and exploited.
 Here is the new list of low/semi-skilled female workers bound for all countries except Canada:
1. Aerobic instructress
2. Attendants (gasoline station, food)
3. Baker
4. Beader, embroider, dressmaker, sewer, cutter, seamstress
5. Beautician, beauty consultants, make-up artists, medicinal, manicurist, hairdresser, hairstylist, nail technician
6. Cashier
7. Chambermaid
8. Checker
9. Clerk
10. Cook
11.Customer service assistant
12. Dishwasher
13. Flower arranger/florist
14. Guest relations officer (GRO), receptionist
15. Helper
16. Janitress, cleaner
17. Kitchen helper
18. Laundry woman
19. Masseuse, reflexologist
20. Merchandiser
21. Poultry worker
22. Printer, canvasser
23. Public work, worker
24. Restaurant workers, amusementparkworker
25. Sales representative
26. Saleslady, supermarket worker
27. Sandwich maker, sweet maker
28. Secretary
29. Service crew
30. Skin care specialist
31. Storekeeper
32. Telephone operator
33. Waitress

Low/semi-skilled male workers bound for Bahrain:
2. Butcher
3. Carpenter
4. Liaison officer
5. Machine operator
6. Mason
7. Master cutter
8. Painter
9. Plumber
10. Room boy
11. Tailor

For those High-skilled positions such as Supervisors, Assistant Managers, and other management positions, there is no need for having a contract verified by the Philippine Embassy or POLO from the country you are bound for work.  As long as you have followed the "Philippine Standard Contract for Various Skills". 

These are the list of requirements needed for Direct Hired (Name Hire) Employees:

1. Philippine passport ( must be six months valid)
2. Visa / Working Permit
3. Medical Certificate from any Department of Health Accredited hospitals or clinic

4. Original certificate of Pre-Departure Orientation (PDOS)  ( free charge of PDOS at POEA Main in Ortigas from Mondays through Thursdays from 1300H-1500H)
5. Original Employment Contract verified from the POLO or Philippine embassy of the country you are bound for work for low skilled and semi skilled workers.
    For Higher positions such as Supervisors and other Management positions no need for verification, One just need to show a scan copy of the employment contract (based on my experience processing my papers at POEA) and the Employment certificate from your previous company.

6. 2X2 ID Pictures (White Background)

7. You must have one photocopy of each documents you have submitted.

These are the following steps for registering at POEA:

1. First you must need to get a number from the guard at the ground floor. If you wanted to finish early it is always a must to arrived earlier before the opening of the office. Then you can proceed at the second floor known as the Name-Hire Unit for the step one. It is the submission of all the documents needed except the PDOS and verification of all the documents.

*If you are already registered before as an OFW they will ask you to get an OFW Record at the Fifth Floor. ( It will not take too long, you just need to fill up a form)

*For Employment Contract issues. We have these so called "Philippine Employment Contract for Various Skills"
 It is the standard format of POEA. If you want everything to be easier ,You must contact your Employers to have it also signed. specially it is a must for them to have the number twelve on the contract agreement between you and your employers which is as stated , "12. In the event of death of the employee during the terms of this agreement, his remains and personal belongings shall be repatriated to the Philippines at the expense of the employer. In the case the repatriation of remains is not possible, the same may be disposed of upon prior approval of the employee’s next kin and/ or by the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate nearest the job site ".

2.  They will going to put all your documents on a folder , for left side is all the photocopies and on the right side are all the original documents. They will as you to fill- up forms. After you will asked to get a schedule of PDOS at the PDOS Office on the same floor as the Name hire unit. 

3. After you have your orientation and get the certificate, you need one photocopy and you will proceed to step two it is a re-verification of your documents and they will ask you to proceed to step three for payments and filling up of form for Pag-ibig Fund, and OWWA membership.

List of Payments:
POEA Processing 100USD or Equivalent of Peso for the current exchange rate
OWWA Membership 25USD
Medicare 1200PHP 
Pag-ibig Fund 100PHP

4. Once the payment has been made they will give you an OEC Receipt (A 3-copy of receipts that you will be needed to show at the airport)

* FYI:  OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) is the most important part why you need
to register at POEA, it is like your passport to go out of the country. You need to show it once you are at the airport. It except you from paying travel tax and terminal fees.So before you step out of POEA please double check all  your documents such as the employment contract it must be verified by POEa with a stamp and the information written on your OEC receipt.

After completing the process, you are on your own, Free from any hassles! Goodluck! 

Government Abbreviated terms:
* POEA  (Philippine Employment Administration)
*OWWA (Overseas Worker Welfare Administration)
*PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation)
*OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)
*Name Hire (Direct Hired)
*POLO (Philippine Overseas labor Office)

For any questions regarding the POEA  process please feel free to to ask at the comment button.


Anonymous said...

Do these procedures also apply for low/skilled male workers bound to UAE Dubai? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi! Did you have a medical certificate first before you got a referral form from POEA? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to ask if it's okay to have a medical on POEA accredited clinics even without a referral? And how much is the total fees? thanks.

Anonymous said...

MAm good day, MAm can you give me advice concerning my application in UK. My employer already emailed the employment contract and they are waiting for me to signed the contract and re-emailed to them prior to process my working visa and travel documents by their company migration lawyer. I am a direct hire and I am currently working here in AL khobar KSA. Mam my questions are the following:

1.Mam, will there be no problem if my employer here in KSA give me re-entry visa in KSA, can i still travel to UK upon completion of my VISA & travel documents by my UK employer?

2. Mam will there be no problem, if i signed now my employment contract to my UK employer without knowing the processing of their visa and travel documents because according to them, after i have signed the contract they will process now my visa and travel docs.?

3. Mam can i work to UK even if im not exit in my present employer here in KSA because they will not approved my exit visa only re entry.?

4. Mam, can i request for information regarding the salary bracket for electrical engineer in UK because i cannot really believe on the salary offer to me.

Mam hoping to your kind response & help.



Aubrey Felismino said...

Thanks for the detailed Info! this is very helpful indeed!...

i have a question...what type of tests do i need to request from the DOH approved clinic? and yes i would echo the other persons query as we need referral from POEA first before going to the clinic?

Many thanks!

chingching said...

I would like to check if an advertised employer submitted a poea form to the newspaper. But i don't know what the form should look like. Do you have a sample copy of the form?

Anonymous said...

do i need to have a Medical Cert 1st before going to POEA? Please help!

Anonymous said...

Is it ok if i will accomplish first the medical requirements before going to poea? Please reply asap, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for this. Your post is very helpful. :

Anonymous said...

I will work in China as a Teacher, my question is... do I need this Employment Contract for Various skills? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi,im already sign my contract and also finished my medical..and almost 11/2month my papers in peoa to long or how many months bfre they approv or release my papers...

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to find Filipinos helping Filipinos get informed. So Thank you! At least you provide other means of going abroad instead of going to Shark agencies asking for unreasonable fees.

Anonymous said...

Your English grammar is awful.

Anonymous said...

I am here to help. I do not need your opinion :) get a life and be mature. Try to see the good side of life. :)

concerned citizen said...

hi!! how about our case? we are 10 licensed teachers bound to Thailand.. we complied with all the requirements.. our employer who is a deputy in an educational area office has sent a foreign teacher's coordinator to deliver personally our authenticated contract by the phil. embassy..we even have our Non B Visas after few weeks of waiting from the Thai embassy in makati.. now as instructed by the poea websites, we followed all the necessary requirements..the staff said we should talk to the director for instruction yet instead of proceeding with the process they let us wait for different directors until 6 pm and they said they referred us to an Agency because we are 10 being hired by one employer.. this made the scenario so difficult because we never see something like this in the guidelines that they will not process OEc of this number of applicants.. and besides, what else can the Agency do? we have finished all necessary because we are informed regarding the can this happen? and also we are the first workers hired by this employer and he is not in the list of registered employer in poea that needs to partner with legitimate agency therefore our employer is very much qualified to directly hire employees.. now their reason is because we are many?well, it is normal for Education Are offices to hire a bigger number of teachers since it is The Opening of classes in Thailand.. can you have some legal advice regarding our case?thank you ma'am!!

yan cute said...

I took the medical test for China do I need to take another medical test with POEA?

donna marie said...

Saw an updated post with regards to POEA

Unknown said...

My employer went to POLO in Riyadh to authenticate the contract but they're still asking for local agency in Saudi that tie up with them? What should we do?

Bisaya Samurai said...

It's not for the faint hearted talaga...

Before becoming an OFW, sakripisyo ka na, tapos afterwards more sacrifices (surprise!).

For you aspiring Pinoys out there - I advise you na maging mapanuri before you make the decision...

Check out officially kung totoo at legit ba ang agency maglalakad sa iyo.

Itong service na ito ginamit ko, I am very happy with their service:

Good luck!

Laraib Khan said...

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POEA Prosecution Division said...

Question: Who are exempted from the ban on direct hiring?
Answer: Section 124. - Exemption from the Ban on Direct Hiring. — The following are exempted from the ban on direct hiring:
a. Members of the diplomatic corps;
b. International organizations;
c. Heads of state and government officials with the rank of at least deputy minister; or
d. Other employers as may be allowed by the Secretary of Labor and Employment, such as:
1. Those provided in (a), (b) and (c) who bear a lesser rank, if endorsed by the POLO, or Head of Mission in the absence of the POLO;
2. Professionals and skilled workers with duly executed/authenticated contracts containing terms and conditions over and above the standards set by the POEA. The number of professional and skilled Overseas Filipino Workers hired for the first time by the employer shall not exceed five (5). For the purpose of determining the number, workers hired as a group shall be counted as one; or
3. Workers hired by a relative/family member who is a permanent resident of the host country.

Question: What are the documentary requirements for the registration of workers exempted from the ban on direct hiring?

Answer: Section 125 Documentary Requirements for Registration of Overseas Filipino
Workers Hired by Employers who are Exempted from the Ban on Direct Hiring. — The Overseas Filipino Workers hired by those employers exempted from the ban on direct hiring may be registered by the Administration upon submission of the following documents:
a. Verified/authenticated original employment contract which is over and above the POEA-prescribed employment contract;
b. Passport valid at least six (6) months from the date of intended
c. Valid and appropriate visa or work permit;
d. Certificate of medical fitness;
e. Proof of certificate of insurance coverage covering at least the benefits provided under Section 37-A of RA 8042, as amended;
f. Certificate of attendance to the required employment orientation/briefing; and
g. Clearance from the Secretary of Labor and Employment for those
covered under Section 124 (d) of these Rules.

The Administration shall ensure that the worker is made fully aware of the terms and
conditions of the employment contract and the advantages and disadvantages of direct hiring.

For new name-hires/direct-hires: please follow the site. Page 9.

or you may call directly the POEA Name-Hire Unit at +632-7221160

Shally Zaragosa Fallore Maranan said...

Naku, hindi na po ngayon pede na di authenticated ang contract ng mga professionals sa phil embassy sa china kc da akin hindi tinanggap..until now am still waiting for my authenticated contract from my employer
Me ticket ns nga ako eh.
Bago lang to last april 2016 lang to kaya napostponed anh departure ko because of this...

Shally Zaragosa Fallore Maranan said...

Naku, hindi na po ngayon pede na di authenticated ang contract ng mga professionals sa phil embassy sa china kc da akin hindi tinanggap..until now am still waiting for my authenticated contract from my employer
Me ticket ns nga ako eh.
Bago lang to last april 2016 lang to kaya napostponed anh departure ko because of this...

edward delacruz said...

Mga kababayan ask ko lang po need pa po ba talaga na magpamedical as poea req. Kahit po sa singapore po aq imemedical after arrival as direct hired?salamat po.

edward delacruz said...

Mga kababayan ask ko lang po need pa po ba talaga na magpamedical as poea req. Kahit po sa singapore po aq imemedical after arrival as direct hired?salamat po.

edward delacruz said...

Mga kababayan ask ko lang po need pa po ba talaga na magpamedical as poea req. Kahit po sa singapore po aq imemedical after arrival as direct hired?salamat po.

edward delacruz said...

Mga kababayan ask ko lang po need pa po ba talaga na magpamedical as poea req. Kahit po sa singapore po aq imemedical after arrival as direct hired?salamat po.

Suddenly Babaran said...

Hi required bang may kasama sa Pdos?

Anonymous said...

HOw many days pa processing s POEA after ma i submit yun authenticated contract and all the requirements for the semi skilled workers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

In which category can I find the Human Resources Coordinator?! Does this position needs a contract verification and authentication in the Philippine Embassy in Oman?!

Chard said...

Hi, the same case is happening to me right now. May I know what has your employer done with this? Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I was direct hire as a supervisor in thailand I want ask what are the requirements ? As when I called the poea hotline they required alot aside from what you mentioned they need also
And a sworn statement